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There are speakers who’s words you hear and then there are those very rare people whose message get permanently implanted in your heart and mind. Merril Hoge is one of those unicorns. His message is so intimate that he seems to be speaking directly to each listener. “Find A Way” isn’t a speech it’s his life story told with raw emotion and humility. Its imprint is indelible to anyone who is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear it. No one delivers like Merril Hoge.

—Executive Director, HR

I have received the evaluation feedback from the participating faculty and Merill scored a 10/10 (of course!).

• Merril’s journey was a powerful reminder of the patient journey.
• It was the perfect combination of motivation and emotion.
• Merril reminded me that perspective is everything.
• Loved the mindset over circumstances.
• We need more of this!

—Miller Thompson

THANK YOU for all the hard work in helping to create an “appreciation culture” here at Dow. Your passion and enthusiasm are contagious!

—The Dow Chemical Company

Thank you for the amazing wealth of information you provided us this week. I truly enjoyed the information you shared, and your overall approach. It was by far the most motivating and valuable workshop I have ever attended. It was very refreshing to come away from a two-day workshop revived, and I thank you for igniting that enthusiasm in me! I could listen to you speak all day!

—Corporate Trainer


Derreck Kayongo

Keynote Speaker & Trainer | Founder/Host of the Talent Development Think Tank Podcast, Conference & Community | Author


Andy Storch

Author, speaker, consultant, coach, connector, and facilitator specializing in helping people own their careers.Please meet the distinguished Andy Storch, a keynote speaker whose expertise and engaging presence make him a standout in the world of professional development. With a career marked by leadership roles, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge in areas such as leadership, talent development, and organizational strategy. As a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and host of the "Talent Development Hot Seat" podcast, Andy possesses a unique ability to connect with audiences. His dynamic presentations go beyond traditional boundaries, offering fresh perspectives on leadership, growth, and the future of work. Get ready to be inspired and motivated as Andy Storch takes the stage, sharing invaluable insights that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your approach to personal and professional development.


Cara Brookins

Powerful strategies to become Unstoppable

Cara Brookins is best known as the mom who built her own house with her kids using Youtube Tutorials. With her eager construction crew consisting of her four young children, Brookins laid the block, framed the walls, and even ran the plumbing and gas lines for her two-story house. She shared her story in her #1 best-selling memoir Rise: How a House Built a Family.

Fairplay for Carter Global


Like it or not, there's no script for life. (Actually, we kind of like it.)


Garry Golden

Future of Work, Future of AI


Merril Hoge

Keynote Speaker, NFL Football Player for Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears, ESPN Analyst, Author, Entrepreneur, Cancer Survivor, TBI Activist, Husband, Father


Rachel Breidster

Leader | Educator | Relationship Builder | Change Agent


Rocky Romanella

Rocky Romanella was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey in an Italian family. He began a 36-year career with UPS on June 15, 1976 as a part-time loader and unloader. From there, Romanella climbed the ranks to become President and General Manager of UPS Supply Chain Solutions and President of Global Retail Operations, where he led one of the largest re-branding initiatives in franchising history: The UPS Store, revolutionizing the $9 billion retail shipping and business services market.


Ryan Frederick

Innovator, author, strategist: How PLACE drives our overall well-being and healthy longevity

Ryan unpacks the dynamics that are creating fundamental changes in our lifespan and the key implications for organizations across a wide variety of fields ranging from health care to real estate to financial services to investment management to technology to consumer products and beyond. He can also take deeper dives with workshops to help groups better understand how to specifically take advantage of opportunities through incremental and disruptive innovation.


Sarah Moshman

Since she was a teenager, Sarah has been madly in love with the camera and believes it is the greatest tool at her disposal to make sense of the world and reflect our experiences back to audiences worldwide. Her work has been featured on various platforms, including Upworthy, Marie Claire, PBS, Hulu, CNN, Netflix, and Good Morning America.

yossi-hnds out

Yossi Ghinsberg

Adventurer, author, entrepreneur, humanitarian.