Fairplay for Carter Global - 1


Who is Fairplay?
Fairplay is a collaborative team composed of learning designers, facilitators, researchers, content creators, and strategists with a shared background in the art of improvisation. Our facilitators bring expertise in training, operational excellence, content development, corporate leadership, innovation, and communication. Together, we have discovered a more effective way to assist individuals and teams in mastering the art of adapting to change.

Why Fairplay? We provide a highly adaptable approach to learning and training, recognizing that:
High performance relies on fundamental people skills.
Acquiring new skills requires consistent practice.
Relational skills are best cultivated when working together in real-time.
What can you expect when working with Fairplay? Our experiential learning programs are designed to foster:
Relationship skills
Presentation skills
Collaborative mindsets
Emotional intelligence

Outcomes of working with Fairplay include the ability to:
Sell better
Lead better
Innovate better
Perform better
These outcomes are integral to our commitment to enhancing your overall capabilities and success in dynamic environments.

Programs include:
Storytelling for sales, for leaders
Navigating collaborative negotiation
How to read the room & pivot
Stronger insights for stronger relationships